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Comment About Comment

Articles appearing in this section will tend to be longer and more considered than those appearing elsewhere. Some will comment on current news and events. But, in general, I'll try to avoid stories of ''this moment'', to concentrate on more substantial issues of our time. I may not contribute much profound or original, but writing about such topics may, at least, clarify my own thoughts.

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Projects About Projects

Projects are just sets of activities — related to one another by common goals. But there's really no fundamebtal difference between the two concepts. Because pretty much all tasks or activities have component subsets and project-like characteristics. So, the distinction is largely one of scale and intensity, i.e. calling something a 'project' suggests a bigger group of activities, with more thought given to their internal relations, priorities and sequence.

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Activities About Activities

Activities are simply things I've just done, I'm about to do, am planning to do, or am considering the feasibility of doing. For the most part they will be small things I've just done, e.g. a bike ride, visiting my Mum, a course taught, etc. But from time to time they'll be speculative, e.g. thinking about whether I should do something, whether it's feasible, or how to do it.

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Music About Music

Yes, no surprises, this part of the blog is about music. For the most part it will consist of my daily playlists. But I will, no doubt, publish articles about music from time to time. The daily playlists typically contain 4 parts — 1. a featured artist or genre, 2. a featured song, 3. a featured year and 4. a featured language.

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Likes About Likes

This category exists to keep me sane. To remind me that the seemingly unrelenting stream of hatred, stupidity, anger and fear that I encounter in the media and on the streets is only part of the story. To remind me that good things are happening everywhere. And, ultimately, to reassure me that, despite the detours and reverses, progress towards a kinder, more rational, and more civilised future is still possible.

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Dislikes About Dislikes

Most blogs contain criticism of stuff that the author considers wrong, stupid or just plain malevolent. And 'Dislikes' is place for that sort thing on my blog. But I've assigned a dedicated section to it, in part, because I want to keep count of the explicitly negative and reactive — in the hope that I can balance it with more positive and open-ended commentary elsewhere.

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