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Activities are simply things I’ve just done, I’m about to do, am planning to do, or am considering the feasibility of doing. For the most part they will be small things I’ve just done, e.g. a bike ride, visiting my Mum, teaching a course, etc. But from time to time the article will be speculative, e.g. thinking about whether I should do something, or how it could be done.

Right now, I’m thinking of taking off for a 10 mile ride along the Leeds-Liverpool canal. The Abbey Inn is at the 5-mile, turnaround point. But that’s not why I’m going.

I’ll burn between 300 and 600 calories, depending on the effort put in. But that’s not why I’m going, at this particular moment.

In fact, I’m going, because I’m fed up of working on this blog and I need a break from it. And the sky’s just cleared, so it might be more pleasant than going later.

If anything eventful happens on the ride, or I notice anything interesting, I might blog it. I might not. It probably depends on how striking the thing of note is and whether I can find the time when I get back.

Something I thought about. It’s just as likey that the next activity I blog about will merely be something I thought about doing during the ride.

I don’t care if it’s mundane. The chances are that many of my activity articles will be no interest to anyone else. I don’t care. If they are interesting or useful to me, they’ll get published.

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