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Remove Duplicate Rows for OpenOffice/LibreOffice

I've just been doing a bit of SEO for CSS Training Courses during which I downloaded a ton of suggested keywords from the Google adwords Keyword Tool.

Sadly, one inevitable consequence of running lots of related keyword searches is that I ended up with a massive number of duplicate rows in the LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet that I was saving the results to.

Even more sadly, the first recipes that I found for de-duping Calc spreadsheets were rotten and incomplete.

As usual, the final solution was pretty simple and moderately elegant.

So, How To De-duplicate the Spreadsheet?

  1. Select the entire range containing data to filter — CTRL+NUMPAD *
  2. Click menu Data > Filter > Standard Filter
  3. Define a condition that is always TRUE, like ColumnD = -not empty
  4. Select the "More options" drop-down selection box
  5. Choose "no duplication"
  6. Press OK

Starting Again

Every so often I run a blog on this URL — indeed, the original blog started some years before the term ‘blog’ was coined.

Anyway, the time has come to start a new work-related blog — mostly for the purpose of jotting down snippets of news, tutorials, and opinions that I haven't yet polished or digested, i.e. stuff that really isn't finished enough to publish on the WDA website.

I expect substantial amounts of Dave Fisher-related stuff to appear here before Sepertember 2012.

In the meantime, if you have known me as a friend, colleague, student, or mere acquaintance — and you want to get in touch for whatever reason — just drop me an email via the WDA web enquiries form. I'll try to get back to you reasonably quickly.

If I ever get around to publishing a personal blog again, it will appear on davidfisher.org.uk.

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