Francesco Guccini, El vagabundo

Francesco Guccini is yet another of the 'Bolognesi', by adoption, with a disproportionate influence on Italy's music scene in the 60s and 70s. “Canzone delle osterie di fuori porta” is first on his list, because the osterie are my favourite thing about Bologna. Although logistics tend to dictate that I typically, visit osterie 'dentro porta'. I know next to nothing about “El vagabundo”. It's in the list, because I heard a couple of versions, loved them and wanted to know more. Mainly, because I guessed it must be a traditional tune. Some versions of the lyrics suggest that might be true, but most suggest not. Judge for yourself. French Tuesday throws-up a few of the greatest 'chanteuses' — Gréco, Colombo, Piaf, Fréhel, and Jeanne Moreau.

Francesco Guccini


El vagabundo


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