Learning the Spanish Language — Project Day 40

It was not a good day on the Spanish front and below par generally. Have resolved to put Spanish "under the pomodoro" tomorrow, i.e. complete all basic Spanish tasks within 3 hours (180 mins).

'En autobus' pero 'a pie'

The English concept of travelling 'by' some means is usually translated with 'en' or 'por'. But walking is 'a pie'. I've no idea why, except that English also changes the preposition in this case — we talk about getting there 'on foot'.

Llevar lo

What am I still failing to understand about direct objects? Pimsleur translates "I'm going to take you" as "voy a llevar lo". Why not "voy a llevar le"? There's definitely something weird going on here. Because Google translate also gives me "voy a llevar le"

Could it be some imperative or subjunctive form that I've never noticed before?

The Preterite

An English speaker is rarely absolutely certain about when the preterite is the preferred past tense. But I ran across one case today in a Pimsleur exercise — "ya le dicé" for "I already told you". It's clearly referring to momentary, but completed, action. And the English I was asked to translate was not "I have already told you". Although the latter would probably be more common in British English.

De ninguna manera

"No way!" — just a phrase I need to remember.

Learning Tasks Checklist

Task M T W T F S S
Word/phrase aural+oral
Sentence aural+oral
Socratic aural+oral
Verb exercises
Pronoun exercises
Preposition exercises
Physical exercise
Non-subbed video
Subbed video
Research lang. learning
List 'issues'
Prepare materials

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