Spanish Language Learning Strategy 04 — Xmas 2021

OK, today's piece is not so much an 'article' as it is a 'list of lists', with an introduction and some commentary.

Having decided to work within my existing resources, prioritise 'breakthrough' skills and target time slots rather than lists of topic content ... I still need to know what I'm actually going to do tomorrow, on 'day 1'.

The list, outlined below, gets me half-way there. By identifying the different types of activity I plan to do every day, the minimum time I intend to devote to each activity, and the priority activities (by time and order).

I had hoped to include lists of matching resources, but quickly realised that if I tried that, I'd still be assembling topic lists and resource lists until well after Xmas.

What I plan to do is assemble provisional resource lists each evening, then itemise the ones that I actually did use — within a nightly review of each day's work. So you won't see the resource list for day 1, until tomorrow night.

List numbering indicates the priority for activity groups. Numbers in brackets signal the minimum time to devote to individual activies. Activities without bracketed numbers must still be done, but no minimum time is set for them.

There is no maximum per day, but no individual activity should be pursued for more than 30 consecutive minutes. And no 30 minute session may be immediately followed by another session of the same activity.

  1. Talk in Spanish
    • Gossika-style (whole) sentences (30)
    • Oral responses to questions (30)
    • Explain how to do something (10)
  2. Write Spanish
    • Translate to (20)
    • Lesson comprehension test (10)
    • Daily activities report (30)
  3. Record
    • Speaking
    • Writing
    • Progress
    • Ideas for future activities (10)
  4. Listen to audio-only Spanish sources
    • News (5)
    • Other non-fiction (10)
    • Fiction (20)
    • A spanish lesson (30)
  5. Read Spanish
    • News (5)
    • Other non-fiction (20)
    • Fiction (20)
    • Translate from (20)
    • A spanish lesson (30)
  6. See, watch, notice stuff in Spanish
    • Physical environment (10)
    • Local human activity (10)
    • Fiction TV (30)
    • Fiction Film (60)
    • A spanish lesson (30)
  7. Research
    • Learning skills, esp. mnemonics (20)
    • New vocab

The last time that I added them up, that amounted to a total of 7 hours and 40 minutes.

Of which 3 hours are leisure or pastimes.

A significant proportion of the remainder will be undertaken while doing daily 'maintenance' activities. For example, I expect to be listening to and speaking Gossika-style sentences while cycling and listening to stories while cleaning or washing-up.

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