Ay Carmela, Fado

Today's featured song, “¡Ay!, Carmela” is perhaps the best known song of the war of fascist intervention in Spain. Better, but erroneously, known as The Spanish Civil War. It's a cracker. And one of my favourite types of real Folk song. The tune and earlier lyrics go right back to an earlier war of European intervention — the (Napoleonic) Peninsular War of 1807–1814. And like so many real folk songs, the lyrics here were repurposed, to tell of la Batalla del Ebro or la Batalla de Jarama — in its two best known versions. The Fado selection is for Jim Martin. And Amália Rodrigues is the 'Queen of Fado', whose name I couldn't remember the other day. If you see this Jim, you need to look up her relationship with Salazar. It's Twistin' Time for German Wednesday.



Ay Carmela


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