Bossa Nova, Scarborough Fair

It's time to go back to Bossa. Most of this selection comes from the heyday of the early to mid-60s. Unsurprisingly, it's dominated by Brazilian tracks and U.S., but there's Spanish and Italian contributions, to mix it up a bit. The Scarborough Fair sub-set is also dominated by familiar 60s Pop-folk renditions, but we've got variations in Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish. 1975 is, as usual, an excuse to roll out a daily dose of soul. I'm all over the place on 70s soul. At times if feels like the down slope after the mid-60s summit. At other times, it's the warm blanket of my youth. And sometimes, like today, it reminds me that some cracking stuff came out of technology and cultural awareness that simply wasn't available in the 60s. It's Spanish Friday.

Bossa Nova


Scarborough Fair


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