Dicey Motown all'Italiana

I've wolfed down Motown classics since I was kid, but over-indulgence dulls the palate. If I play them these days, it's usually by accident. But most of the Hitsville tracks in this list are not classics. And a couple were never released as singles at all. My personal favourite is The Contours' "First I Look At The Purse". Put aside its cynicism, and just listen to the carefully crafted narrative. It's written in grammatical English and perfectly matches both the rhythm and melody — to question 'lookism' in a musical form which was the very pinnacle of 60s 'glitz and glamour'. Dicey Reilly is the feature song, because there's never any need to justify a good old pub sing-along. And Today's Thursday, so the featured language is Italian.

Motown Soul


Dicey Reilly


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