Antwerp Lungotevere

Yesterday's Flemish theme continues, with the spotlight swinging over to the city of Antwerp — one of my favourite places in the world. The tone is not quite so quite so 'folky', but there's still a bit of that. After that, though, the tone is distinctly Italian. Even if the featured band, Calìc, tends to emphasise their Sardinian and Catalan 'separate-ness'. “Pe' Lungotevere” is a song that I've been trying, and failing, to learn for years. Although, strictly speaking, it belongs to the commercial 'musica leggera' genre, it's one of those classics that's old enough, and orally transmitted enough, to be considered a 'real folk' song. And it's Thursday, so I'm practicing my Italian in musical, video and written forms throughout the dy.



Pe Lungotevere


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