Don Backy, Ketelbinkie

First sung by Frans van Schaik, known as “De zingende zwerver” (The singing vagabond) in a 1940 radio play called “Vrouw aan boord”, 'Ketelbinkie' refers to a 'ship's boy' (literally, the 'kettle-lad'). For centuries before that play, the Dutch word for a ship's boy was 'scheepsjongen'. The song was so popular, so often covered and performed, that many Dutchies thought that 'ketelbinkie' was actually the traditional nautical term — and used it instead of 'scheepsjongen'. Don Backy provides a slice of pretty middling mid-60s Italpop, from the Clan Celentano table. The 1961 set is mostly non-English or rare R&B. It's French Tuesday.

Don Backy




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