Learning the Spanish Language — Project Day 23

An exceptionally good day in most respects.

I completed a goodly number of Spanish learning tasks and, after a late start, stuck to the routine in all but three respects.

Those three? A late start, swapping cycling with session 4, and a little 'work' during relaxation and reading times. Making for a ride in bright sunshine and taking little from leisure or wind-down.

The only significant negative is that today's high performance was, in great measure, a bounce-back — from yesterday's collapse.


Lovely bright afternoon for cycling. Spoiled only by the usual:

  • Phone zombie encounters
  • Non-phone zombie pedestrians in cycle lanes
  • Near-death experience from vans turning into Queen street without looking left

And by a noticeable lack of pedal power.

The phone zombie encounters reinforced my conviction that there's little chance of modifying their behaviour — best just get used to waiting for them to shuffle into a more convenient position. Something similar applies to white vans turning into one-way streets — just expect them to do the wrong thing and prepare to brake when they come into view.

I'm guessing that I should attribute the lack of pedal power, and hunger pangs after my ride, to a glycol deficit — induced by last night's over-indulgence. Which is part of the reason I decided to split my usual big tea into a late afternoon snack followed by mid-evening light meal.

I say, partly, because I'd already been thinking of experimenting with more evenly spread eating — in an attempt to moderate mood swings, concentration and energy levels.

Routine Mark 3 — Teaching Days


  • Ticks — right activity on time
  • Crosses — not done to schedule
  • Hyphens — not applicable to currrent routine configuration
Task M T W T F S S
0730 — Get going
0845Session 1
1015 — Break
1030Session 2
1200 — Dinner
1245Session 3
1415 — Break
1430Session 4
1600 — Transition
1630 - Riding
1800 — Tea
1930 — Active leisure
2130 — Reading

Learning Tasks Checklist

Task M T W T F S S
Word & phrase exercises
Sentence exercises
Socratic dialogue
Aural comprehension
Pronoun exercises
Preposition exercises
Verb exercises
Eng.→Spa. translation
Spa.→Eng. translation
Physical exercise
Subbed video
Non-subbed video
Reading comprehension
Read aloud
Just read
A song
Research lang. acquisition
List 'issues'
Prepare materials
Review this checklist

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