Learning the Spanish Language — Project Day 24

Hardly any progress on Spanish today — my second teaching day of 2022. Just a short set of Pimsleur exercises, a bit of Spanish-language telly and some reading of El Pais.

A 'good day' nonetheless. One that exhibited considerable progress compared with the wash-out of Monday

I could certainly have done more Spanish with a better start, a detailed plan for the evening, prepared tasks to hand and a ride immediately after teaching.

The routine ticks below are slightly misleading. Delays at the start of the day and in the early evening meant that almost all sessions from 10:30 to 20:00 actually occurred one or two hours after their scheduled times. But they did all occur in the planned order and with approximately the right rhythm.


Two big wins — both for the first time

  1. Getting up and going to bed to schedule
  2. Riding and Spanish after teaching

Three avoidable factors reduced capacity for Spanish learning

  1. Technical problems & poor delivery extended teaching by 60 mins.
  2. Depleted bike light battery charging delayed ride by 90 mins
  3. Lack of a customised and resourced task list for the evening

Routine Mark 3 — Teaching Days


  • Ticks — right activity on time
  • Crosses — not done to schedule
  • Hyphens — not applicable to currrent routine configuration
Task M T W T F S S
0730 — Get going
0845Session 1
1015 — Break
1030Session 2
1200 — Dinner
1245Session 3
1415 — Break
1430Session 4
1600 — Transition
1630 - Riding
1800 — Tea
1930 — Active leisure
2130 — Reading

Learning Tasks Checklist

Task M T W T F S S
Word & phrase exercises
Sentence exercises
Socratic dialogue
Aural comprehension
Pronoun exercises
Preposition exercises
Verb exercises
Eng.→Spa. translation
Spa.→Eng. translation
Physical exercise
Subbed video
Non-subbed video
Reading comprehension
Read aloud
Just read
A song
Research lang. acquisition
List 'issues'
Prepare materials
Review this checklist

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