Spanish Civil War

The war of fascist intervention in Spain is rarely far from my mind these days. That's partly, because I'm re-learning Spanish and studying the country's history helps. It's partly, because Brexit and the rise of quasi-fascist populism constantly reminds me of just how rarely people learn the lessons of history. And partly, because I've got a back-burner project to write an English language biography of Palmiro Togliatti. Who was a pretty significant figure on the Republican side. Sadly, he was one of those who could see exactly what the PCE, PSOE, POUM, Liberals and Anarchists were doing wrong, without being able to do anything substantial to alter the course of events. And, at least in the case of crossing the Ebro, may have actually made some things worse. Such are the contradictions, and tragedies, of history.

Franco Tozzi

Spanish Civil War

Johnny Lad


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