Charles Trenet and the Eddystone Light

Today's featured artist and song don't come without caveats. Trenet infamously had a 'good war'. In the sense that his career prospered both during and after, not withstanding a 'reprimand' from the collaboration inquiry. The Eddystone Light's sin was to be just too popular in the 1950s and 1960s. To the point that you hardly ever heard it played thereafter. I subscribe to 'life is complicated and, often, contradictory' school of thought. So I'm just as happy to listen to a collaborationist (“Let her who is without sin cast the first stone”) as I am to examine the statues of colonialists and slavers. Seriously, how can we possibly avoid the next instance of evil, if we refuse to face it? Of course, the Eddystone Light's not really 'evil' — but it does deserve a second chance.

Charles Trenet


The Eddystone Light


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