Learning the Spanish Language — Project Day 10


A really good day, every section of which was devoted to concentrated Spanish learning — or providing the immediate logistics for it.

It could have been even better if I'd:

  1. Gotten to sleep and woken earlier — resisted '1 more epsode/chapter'
  2. Had songs and conjuction exercises to hand
  3. Had the courage to go out for a ride

The latter is forgiveable — given that this was the first realistic opportunity I've had to complete the new, simplified, routine.

I wanted to prove to myself that the routine was basically viable — before improvising. As things have turned out, I'm pretty satisfied by overall productivity today.

So, if sessions 1-3 go well tomorrow, I'll ride in session 4 — barring 'acts of god'.

I'm quite convinced that having resources to hand, and therefore almost knowing the full scope of each task, has provided a bit of a 'breakthrough'. Definitely worth the trade-off — of losing some improvisational creativity and some opportunity for cross-fertilisation.

Routine Checklist


  • Ticks — right activity on time
  • Crosses — not done to schedule
  • Hyphens — not applicable to currrent routine configuration
Task M T W T F S S
0730 — Get going
0845Session 1
1015 — Break
1030Session 2
1200 — Dinner
1245Session 3
1415 — Break
1430Session 4
1600 — Transition
1630 - Session 5
1800 — Tea
2000 — Relax
2230Review, uwind

Learning Tasks Checklist

Task M T W T F S S
Reading comprehension
Read aloud
Just read
Word & phrase exercises
Sentence exercises
Socratic dialogue
A song
Aural comprehension
Verb exercises
Preposition exercises
Pronoun exercises
Conjunctions - -
Eng.→Spa. translation
Spa.→Eng. translation
Physical exercise
Subbed video
Non-subbed video
Research lang. acquisition
List 'issues'
Prepare materials
Review this checklist

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